10 Quick Ways To Help You Relieve Stress

We all experience stress in our daily lives. In fact, we say that it has become a part of our lives.

We become anxious about a variety of things, including preparing for an interview, doing something for the first time, thinking about finances, becoming ill, and so on.

Getting worried about all of these things is fine up to some extent. In fact, our history tells us that we use stress as a mechanism to protect ourselves from threats. 

But do you know how stress came into our lives?

Why do even young children use the word "stress" so much?

This is because they have been listening to their parents about "stress" so much. They feel everything that is out of their control causes them stress. 

However, they are unaware of the fact that stress can be harmful to our bodies in so many ways. 

stressed woman

What is stress?

The body's response to a challenge or demand is referred to as stress. Everyone experiences stress, which can be triggered by a variety of events, ranging from minor inconveniences to major life changes such as divorce or job loss. 

Today we have become so emotionally weak that we experience severe headaches, sweating, elevated heart rate, and blood pressure because we do not know how to handle small things in life.

Imagine a 12-year-old saying-"He is having a panic attack!"

And that is true! Young kids are facing so much pressure in their daily lives because they are taught that stress is normal. 

This has led to a loss in their emotional and mental stability. Stress causes you to pick fights with those you care about the most. In short, stress can derail your career, relationships, and even your life.

But, worry not!

Here you will learn 10 quick ways that will help you de-stress:

1. Shed off sweat- "Run, do some yoga, punch a bag at the gym," suggests Charles Goodstein, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. Exercise is a stress-relieving activity that releases endorphins and helps you to build a positive attitude.

2. Socialize- Studies have shown that meeting your friends and socializing helps you to relieve stress to a great extent. Meeting and hanging out with your friends is a great way to forget all your problems for some time. When you have a clear mind, you can consider the situation from a different angle. 

3. Eat good food- Stress can cause you to overeat or eat junk food, which is also known as emotional eating. Knowing that it is not good for your health and still eating it will make you feel guilty and ashamed. Thus, it is extremely important to have a balanced diet because the right food will give you the right mood.

4. Connect with God- As soon as I notice my tension rising, I sit back and listen to or recite the Gurbani verse. The sense of peace I experience after connecting with God is overwhelming. Thus, if you are feeling stressed about anything in your life, go to God, talk to him, and tell him your problems, and he will undoubtedly listen to you.

5. Laugh baby laugh- Laughter is the best therapy, without any doubt. It has been shown to reduce stress while simultaneously improving blood flow and heart health. You can watch a humorous movie to forget about a tough situation for a while.  

6. Start journaling- Dedicating a period each day to writing about a problem that bothers you may relieve tension and provide stress relief for the rest of the day. Keeping a journal can also help you solve problems or find positive perspectives amid stressors.

7. Get enough sleep- You can experience discomfort or insomnia because of stress which can hamper your daily life. Furthermore, the quality and quantity of sleep you get can have an impact on your mood, energy level, concentration, and overall functioning. If you have trouble sleeping, make sure you have a peaceful, relaxing bedtime routine.

8. Listen to music- Music is a good stress reliever because it can provide a mental distraction, reduce muscle tension, and lower stress hormones. Turn up the music and let your mind dance to it. 

9. Unplug for a while- We don't understand but sometimes social media can cause us a lot of stress or add up to the stress which we are already facing. So the best thing we can do is turn off all our devices and sit peacefully with ourselves.

10. Open your creative side- Remember how creative you used to be when you were young? Well, it's time to reconnect with your creative side again. Indulge in any activity whatever you like to cope up with stressful situations.


Taking tension about something will not solve the problem but will cause more of it. So, try these stress-relieving techniques, talk with your loved ones about finding a solution, and shed off your stress.

Choose what works for you!

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