Feeling sad without any reason? Here are some of the possible reasons

Are you feeling sad for no obvious reason? Well, sometimes it happens with me too. We all go through such moments once in a while.

Sadness over the loss of a loved one, a specific item, or after a breakup is one thing, and being upset for no apparent reason is another.

However, there are times when sadness is persistent and doesn't go away. It can be a flashback of the past trauma, childhood memories, or maybe a symptom of depression.

This is why it is crucial to recognize what is bothering you and treat it immediately so that it does not harm you.

Are you suffering from depression or, is it just your overthinking? Let us find out!

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Before we move on to find out the difference between sadness and depression. I want to make it clear to you all that I am not a certified psychologist or a mental health counselor. Nor even I have studied psychology. 

This article has been written with the help of all the external resources and my personal findings.

While sadness and depression are two different things. Sadness is just another symptom of depression that can take a toll on our personal lives if not addressed at the right time.

More symptoms of depression along with sadness:

According to verywellmind.com, here are some of the serious symptoms you need to put concern onto;

  • anxiety or feeling anxious
  • increased irritability
  • chest feeling heavy
  • guilty of past things
  • change in sleep patterns
  • insomnia
  • lack of energy
  • unexplained pain or digestive issues
  • lack of concentration or decision making
  • not doing things that make you happy

If you have been facing any of these symptoms along with persistent sadness for more than two weeks in a row, you must go consult with a professional counselor.

Other Reasons Which Make You Sad

Sometimes sadness can arrive to remind us that we need to take care of our mental and emotional health. If you are only feeling sad but also experiencing one or two symptoms mentioned above then you need to check for the following reasons: 

→ You have no one to talk to. 
→ Your periods are about to start.
→ You are constantly overthinking.
→ You feel less motivated to do things.
→ You feel exhausted.
→ There is the pressure at work.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Mental Health When Feeling Sad/Low

1. Share your emotions with others- When feeling sad or irritated, most of us step back from our family members and friends. We don't want anyone around us, which amplifies our situation. Hence, it is important to talk out, to let your heart explode what it is holding into. No matter if you talk to at least one close friend, but do share your feelings.

2. Listen to music- You often tend to listen to sad music when you are already sad. Isn't it? But that's what makes things worse. I mean just think about it for a second. Someone who is already sick and you are making them sicker by telling them the stories of people who died with the same disease. Therefore instead of mournful music, listen to upbeat music that stimulates happy hormones.

3. Go out- What if only stepping outside your home can resolve 50% of your problem? You might have heard from your loved ones saying- "Go out for a walk if you are not feeling good." This is because sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain. Therefore, spending more time in the sun can boost serotonin levels and potentially alleviate depression.

4. Give yourself a break- We may not realize, sometimes even overworking can exhaust us mentally. The reason behind your sadness can be a stressful and no break life. Try pulling your hair down, give yourself a much-needed mental break because you deserve that!

5. Practice guided meditation- You would be astonished to know that just taking out 10 minutes from your day for a daily guided meditation can reap huge benefits in your life. Many people practice it daily in a way to reduce their stress and improve their sleeping patterns. 
Here's a 10 minute guided meditation for you all:

Bottom Line-

These are some self-help remedies that may help to alleviate the burden you are carrying on your chest. Mind you, if these are not helping you on any terms, take the help of a professional coach.

Remember you have survived before and, you will survive now.
I hope this helps you! 

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