7 Things You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About No Matter What!

 Do you also sometimes feel burdened by an emotion called- "Guilt"? 

And then you start blaming yourself for the things you've done, and you wonder why you've done them.

Well, let me tell you- "Guilt is the result of overthinking a situation or, more specifically, thinking about how others are feeling about the way you have responded to them!"

If you have done something that made you happy and it gave you a sense of peace at that time, you should not feel bad about doing it.

Guilt is nothing but normal human emotion. It isn't even a negative emotion; it indicates that you are moral and ethical and that you are aware that your decisions have consequences. 

Most of the time we are accused of things for which we should not be guilty. This means that we apologize for the things for which no apology is needed.

You hurt yourself when you feel guilty. It's you who has to suffer and not others.

So why take the blame on yourself when you only think about your mental health and peace of mind?

Hence you don't have to feel sad or upset about the stuff I'm about to mention!

1.  Saying "NO" to others- If you are compassionate about other people's feelings and sometimes you have to say "No" to them, then it's okay to say so. In fact, it's good if you are considering yourself a priority. Many people do the job they don't want to do because they don't know how to say "NO."

Thus, you should never feel guilty about saying "NO" to others for the things you don't want to do. It is as simple as that!

2.  Declining a social call- Does it happen with you too when your phone rings in front of you and you choose to ignore it and ring it over? Well, that happens with me too and with most of the other people too. Sometimes you don't feel like hanging out with your buddies or talk with others over a phone call. 

If you ignore a friend's call, the relationship will not stop, and your friend will not hold it against you. It is important to set aside time for yourself in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

3.  Choosing a different path- Sometimes we don't know what life brings to us. We may have decided earlier that we will choose a path and make it our profession, but something else may influence us and, we choose that instead. You should never feel guilty about choosing something that makes you passionate about doing it, no matter what the folks say.

Also, it is your life whether you want to get married or remain single the entire life. Never second guess your decision by coming under the influence of someone unless it's your personal choice. 

4.  Acting normal in an intense situation- Your feelings are valid and whatever you are feeling in a particular situation is right. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't feel the way people want you to.

If you have ever been sexually harassed or bullied or tortured by someone in your childhood or teenage and you are not able to get that thing out of your mind, it's okay. There may be people around you who would say- "It's not a big thing and that you are just overthinking!" Don't let them make you feel guilty about feeling your emotions. After all, that's your life and only you are responsible for your emotions.

5.  Moving on in life- Sometimes in our life, things don't work the way we want them to work. Either it's our professional life or personal. And when there is nothing we can do to make it better, it's better to move on. If you have decided to move on in life from your past relationship or your toxic work life, don't feel guilty about making that decision. You did what you thought was right.

It is your birthright to choose your way of life, and you should never feel bad about it. You are the most objective observer of your own life. No one else can make decisions for you, whether it's about your job, finding a life partner, or staying single.

6.  Spending time with yourself- Some days our mind and body are so exhausted that we don't feel like going out. If you want to relax and spend time with yourself, then do it without taking any guilt on yourself. Allow yourself some time during the day to simply bury yourself in a book or relax in a warm bath. 

Do whatever makes you happy. Remember that pampering yourself is never a bad idea. In fact, it is self-love and self-love is never selfish.

7.  Not being productive- Everybody can't be their best version at every moment. We feel obligated to do something positive every second of the day because of social media, but keep in mind that social media is only a snapshot of someone's existence. We all function in different ways and at different times, and we are all efficient in different ways.

Don't place too much pressure on yourself if you don't feel like you're giving it your all – we all need a break to recharge.


So next time when you go on that guilt trip, take another route towards happiness and prosperity and remind yourself- "You Are The Most Valuable Person In This World and "Your Feelings Are Completely Valid!"

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  1. Wonderful Manveen.. You are awesome..!!

    Keep writing ✍️.. Loved it..!!

    Suryanchal ✨✨

    1. Thankyou so much sir for your positive feedback :)