Why Do I Always Think People Are Better Than Me?

Do you see people excelling well in their careers and life? 
Having more knowledge and expertise than you? 
When you are about to start a project or a business or decide to be a freelancer, you may note someone more qualified and skilled than you.

Watching them makes you doubt your abilities, hence dropping your confidence level.

You may even ask yourself- Am I worth it? A plethora of entrepreneurs already exists in the market and that too for many years. When will I achieve success?

Such questions and many more tend to come into our minds when we think like this.

Everyone has felt this. Believe me, there is no single person on earth who has not thought like this at least once in his life.

Your anxiety takes the toll when your friends and relatives ask about your career. Even when you are learning and gathering resources, you may think twice to speak to them about what you are doing.

Some of us have even dropped our plans, or didn't chase our dreams as they were too far from us and we did not know how to run after them!

Admiring people's growth and creating opinions about their results can take us down the rabbit hole.

So here I want to talk about why do we think like this and what can we do to not think like the aforementioned:

Why do I think that Someone is Better than me?

Yes, you might see youngsters doing amazing in their respective fields, earning money, living their dream lives, and doing whatever the hell they want to do.

But, wait right here!

If your friend or your sister or the girl you hate the most is gaining fame and name then so what? 
Now we have the internet that connects us with a larger community and we are able to see can more of what everyone is doing, then we could see 10 years ago.
I know most of your beliefs come from watching people over social media with highly impactful LinkedIn profiles and you get carried away by their achievements.

I too feel blue somedays and honestly, those days suck!
Comparing ourselves to others and their work makes no sense when we all know we are born with different talents and skills.

Just because your friends are either running a bakery or someone is residing abroad and making money, or someone is an expert in beauty and makeup, makes you no less than others.
So let's move forward and learn :

You are smarter than you think :

I have not made a catchy headline on - how to not think that people are better than me because I DO NOT WANT TO THINK LIKE THIS.

The only thing I know right now is I was born alone. I will die alone. Nobody is my competition.
When you will put these 3 clauses in your mind and repeat them daily until they sit back in your subconscious mind you will never doubt yourself. You won't make a comparison between your net earnings and Julie ( a hypothetical name).

You might think someone is intelligent because they are too good in their studies,  doing quite well in their careers, and have a huge following over Instagram.
But do you even realize what traits you have?
You can make people laugh with your humorous jokes, you can soothe someone's ears with your pleasant voice and you have diverse skills and talents that no other has.

Aren't those sufficient for you that you have to compare yourself with others?
You must know and understand that your life and someone else's life is completely different and there is nothing to compare between them.

You are doing amazing :

Think you are a book writer, and you published your first novel, after so much hard work and sleepless nights, finally you have completed your dream book. How amazing is this?
For authors, writing and completing a book is a huge deal. That's a tremendous victory in itself.
But suddenly you have thoughts like- ok I wrote the book and now I have to convince the publishers, do the marketing, look upon sales, finding the right audience, and a lot more.

Hold on, and bring your perspective back to your journey. See what you are building and creating and focus on what you have achieved.
Isn't this superb that you completed your book which itself is a tough task?

So many times, we shift our focus on negative things or tough chores rather than the positive ones.

Try to recreate this scenario and apply it yourself and you will be amazed to see your accomplishments and your strengths.

You are perfect the way you are :

Society has set up some prescriptive norms for all of us that say how we should look, talk, behave, and do. If someone is not following these patterns of rules then they are not a part of society and everyone looks at them as if they had done some crime.

But, my dear you should not listen or act according to them. You may have some different strengths and abilities which a lot of people may not possess.
Look upon improving those skills as they define you and make you who you are.

To fit in this society you don't have to be like someone else, instead, you have to create yourself and bring your individuality here. If someone tells you are wrong because they find you wrong, do not sit with them nor take their words seriously as you know what you are doing is right for yourself and your life.

Also, do not take your emotions and feelings for granted. You have all the right to feel the way you want to feel. If you like to express yourself over social media then do it, don't sit back and wonder what if people may not like it.

Never surpass your emotions or you may harm your mental health. Always remember, you have the ideal qualities that nobody can take away from you.


We all have heard this phrase- Fake it till you make it which says that, imply the skill that you want to have and eventually you will get it. Push yourself to act in a certain way to get the desired results.
This may sound stupid but it will work for you.

Don't believe me?
Watch this inspiring ted talk by social psychologist Amy Caddy and you will get all your answers.


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