Use This Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Technique And Change Your Life!

 Wondering what this difficult spelling is about? 

You probably would be laughing reading the title. But I am sure if you follow this technique you will be able to change yourself for something better.
Ho-o-pono-pono Technique/ meditation/ prayer/ phrase or whatever name you want to give it you can. If you are feeling anxious, stress or worried and can't understand how to help yourself then this technique is surely going to benefit you. 
Some of you might be aware of this term but most of you don't. To make you familiar with this technique, firstly you have to know its history.

        Background History

This is a simple technique which was first used in Hawaii, also known as the Hawaiian Technique by Dr Hew Len. Dr Hew Len was a therapist and a teacher who cured patients and in fact the staff of a mental institute by just applying this therapy. He didn't even meet any one of them once.
To revive, there was a mental hospital in Hawaii where the patients were getting out of control and even the doctors and psychiatrists over there were not able to treat them. They were quitting their jobs because they themselves were becoming the victims. Hence, to cure the patients as well as the staff, Dr Hew Len was called to treat them.
Dr Hew Len never met any of his patients. He just read their records and repeated some "mantra" to himself.
Dr was of the belief that the problem was with the clients and not with him. He believed that to solve their problems he should treat their problems as his own. That mantra changed his life and of course all of the patients that were present there. And eventually, after 3 years, that hospital had to be shut down because there were no patients left over there for the treatment, as everyone got well, discharged from the hospital and went to their respective homes.

What is this mantra? Why is this powerful?

In simple words, Ho'oponopono means to rectify or correct the errors. To amend your situation, your life, your relationships. Ho'oponopono is a simple yet effective technique or prayer consisting of 4 common phrases.
This technique is used, over and over again, cleans up your inner negativity, your false belief systems, anxiety, stress, tensions, bad memories and puts you in the state of peace. These erroneous thoughts are then replaced with loving thoughts. When you feel positive from inside it automatically shows outside on your body. This is the reason why this mantra is so powerful because it helps to heal you emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How does this work?

Every day we face different emotions sometimes positive other times negative. When our mind glass is filled up with so many negative thoughts and feelings we start to hate ourselves and hate others, and end up being a victim or in extreme situations a criminal. Also, sometimes our relationships with others are not going well which creates so many misunderstandings and the gap between us and the other person.
This technique is so powerful that it can heal you as well as the other person and even your relationships.
So to be at peace and achieve a peaceful state of mind lets do this prayer every day. 
The 4 sentences/phrases of this prayer are as follows: 
  1. I'm sorry - sorry for not being aware of my thoughts that are causing me this feeling that I'm being pathetic and sad.
  2. Please forgive me- forgive me for my actions and my thoughts that are causing me pain to feel negative.
  3. Thank you- Thank you for forgiving me. Express your gratitude. Feel this emotion of thankfulness.
  4. I love you- This shows your love towards yourself, towards the Divine God and The universe.
When you will do this prayer, sit comfortably in a place where there is no noise. Start repeating this prayer to yourself, feel every emotion when you will say it.
In the beginning, you may cry but it's okay because your resistance is opening up, your ego is going down and you are attaining peace within yourself.
If you want to do to save your relationship with someone either your friend, your partner or parent you can just imagine them and say these 4 sentences to them.

Talk with yourself at anytime, anywhere.
Talk to your body, say to it, I love you the way you are. Thank you for being with me, if I have ever abused me Please Forgive Me. Forgive me for all the harsh words I said to you while comparing you with others. You are breathing, you are thinking, you are beating the heart, you are fighting all the diseases for me, and only ME. Thank you for doing that. I love you.
See your body as your partner in your life, your companion, your best friend! 

This is a wonderful healing technique to forgive yourself and others. 
For your reference, I am even uploading a video related to it which I found on Youtube, you can watch this and follow this;
 I do this when I feel depressed or anxious with myself and trust me it gives me peace and I instantly feel good.
Do this prayer with feelings and be positive! Trust that God is blessing you. Trust that everything is happening for a reason. Trust that you will heal. Be patient and believe in yourself!

Hope you like this article. Do share your feedback in the comment section.
Till then, Stay happy, healthy and safe.!

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  2. www.SandraRolus.comJuly 27, 2020 at 2:24 PM

    Thank you for sharing this powerful technique of forgiveness. Ho'oponopono is one of the best tools you can have in your life.