Follow these 4 easy steps to get rid of your overthinking

Do you often find yourself physically present somewhere but mentally somewhere else? This happens to many of us! Sometimes, even when we're with our friends and family or at work, if we feel upset, we might start thinking about things that happened before or worry about things that might happen in the future.

This is called overthinking! 

In simple words, it refers to when you are not aware of the present but are thinking of something else that causes your mind to worry, which first appears on your face and then in your behavior.

But just like everything else, we can solve this issue too (only if we first know we are not fully present where we should be). Let's dive in deep!

How to deal with overthinking?

Why do we overthink?

Overthinking is the act of thinking deeply and persistently about a topic or situation. You struggle to get your thoughts to concentrate on anything else when you overthink. It is as if it consumes all your mind and hinders you from going somewhere else. 

Contrary to popular belief, overthinking is not useful because it requires considering a situation from almost all angles and projecting what might happen in the future. According to research, overthinking is connected to PTSD symptoms, as well as emotions of despair and anxiety.

Signs of overthinking

  • Can't stop worrying
  • Dwelling over past or future events
  • Imagine reliving a circumstance or experience
  • Making decisions you later regret
  • Imagining all the worst-case situations
  • Taking other's opinions too seriously
  • Remembering every detail from the conversation and taking it too seriously

4 steps to combat overthinking

Anyone can become a victim to overthinking. But thankfully, there are many exercises that you can use to get rid of this mental health issue. Here are four steps to combat overthinking:

1. Disrupt your mind: You can take a short break from thinking about a problem to divert your attention for a while. Taking a break means shifting your mind to any other area which makes you happy and fulfilled. Additionally, it might help you focus on a more beneficial activity. And if you don't think about the issue anymore, your brain may even come up with a solution for you.

2. Write it down: Another way to deal with overthinking is to write down everything that is on your mind. Our minds can take a toll on us if we do not deal with what is bothering us. If we write and calculate every complex thing by jotting it down on paper, how can we not write every thought that is affecting us? Thus, writing or journaling can be a useful technique for gaining control over the things that matter in life.

3. Meditation: Meditation can be a very effective strategy to reroute your thoughts in a more positive direction. Try to concentrate on your breath as you sit in meditation. Your focus should be on something specific, and you should practice refocusing when your thoughts wander rather than trying to clear them completely. Try listening to a guided meditation, or if it feels difficult, sit with yourself for five minutes and focus on every part of your body.

4. Living in the present: The most important and effective way to deal with overthinking is through mindfulness, i.e., to stay in the present. Overthinking only leads to either past or traumatic events or future anxiety, which you cannot predict or control. So being in the present means being fully aware of the things you are doing now. For instance, if you are washing your hands or taking a shower, feel the warmth of the water, focus on how your body moves when you inhale and exhale, and feel all the muscles and organs present inside you that are working 24 hours a day for you.


Now that you are fully aware of how you can control your overthinking habit, I hope you'll apply these steps in your daily life, just as I am. Let's face our fears and conquer bad habits. 

Remember, rejection is always God's protection and redirection. If you are waiting for something to happen, remember that God is preparing to give you the best.

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